Bulky Collection

Book a bulky collection online to pick up unwanted household items.

  • Non-electrical items, such as furniture and smaller household items, are chargeable for collection - 1 to 5 items £15.00 or 6 to 8 items £22.50
  • Electrical items are free to book

Recycle your household items for re-use using the ECCO reuse referral form. All items are checked for suitability and electrical items are additionally tested for electrical safety. ECCO are unable to accept duvets, pillows or cushions, TV’s with large back, wall units, car seats, cycle helmets and monitors.

More information on Bulky collections

Green waste

You can book to have a single bagged collection or sign up for a fortnightly wheelie bin collection service with Harlow Council.

More information on green waste, pre paid bags and collections

Pest Control

You can book a full price pest control treatment for wasps, mice, rats and fleas online.

Please note: If you book a treatment for wasps and they are bees, we will only refund £16 for a full price treatment or no refund if you have paid the concessionary price. For differences between wasps and bees and local bee swarm collectors please visit British Beekeepers Association website

More information on concessionary price treatments and pest control advice

Invite the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council to an engagement

You can invite the Chair and Vice Chair of the Council to an engagement.