Disability services

Equality and diversity at Harlow Council

Harlow Council is committed to the principles of equality of opportunity, fairness and quality for all, both in the services that it provides to the community and in its role as an employer. The Council is an accredited member of the Two Ticks Scheme, which was awarded to the Council by Jobcentre Plus in recognition of the commitment regarding employment, retention, training and career development of employees with disabilities. More information on equality and diversity at Harlow Council

Disability services

Harlow Council offers a range of services for residents with disabilities, including grants to help make adaptations to homes, Council Tax reductions, and assisted recycling and waste collections, as well as making sure our offices are as accessible as possible and our website is easy to use. More disability services for Harlow residents are offered through Essex County Council. Below we have provided links to information on this website and links to other organisations websites, offering support and advice:

Assisted recycling and non-recycling collections

If you have genuine difficulty moving your containers (bins) to the boundary of your property for collection day please contact an Advisor at Contact Harlow to request an application form for you to be included on the assisted collections list

Internal decoration

If  you are a Harlow Council Tenant aged 65 years or over and registered disabled, and you do not have an able bodied person under pensionable age living with you, you may qualify for the Councils free two room decoration service. Please contact an Advisor at Contact Harlow for more information.

Essex Sport For All month - June 2016

Essex Sport For All Month is a campaign to raise awareness of the opportunities available for disabled people to take part in sport and physical activity in Essex. Active Essex is committed to working with key partners to increase and promote the opportunities available for disabled people in Essex to lead an active lifestyle.

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