Purchasing Council land

Surplus Council land for sale

  • Not available at present

Purchasing Council land - freehold owners wishing to purchase small areas of Council owned land adjoining their property

  • Harlow Council is currently in the process of reviewing and updating its policies on the sale of small land parcels for garden extensions (‘Land Applications’). Whilst this matter is under review the Council is not currently accepting any new ‘Land Applications’.
  • If you have any queries in regards to purchasing land adjacent to your property please contact an Advisor at: Contact Harlow or email gis.team@harlow.gov.uk

Garage sales

  • If you are renting a housing garage from us and wish to purchase the garage, please forward your request together with a copy of your tenancy agreement to gis.team@harlow.gov.uk
  • Please note it is the Council’s policy not to sell garages if there are more than 4 garages in a block.