Landscapes - hedges, brambles and shrubs

Cutting back hedgesHedge Reduction Programme

A two-year (2012-14) hedge reduction programme to help keep the town looking clean and tidy was completed. The town-wide £400,000 programme saw overgrown shrubs, bushes, hedges and trees cut back in residential areas to keep footpaths clear and to help with picking up litter and removing dumped rubbish. Kier Harlow Ltd cut back the greenery beyond the back edge of the footpath to a one metre line back behind the path edge, using either a mechanical machine or by hand.

Since completion of the Hedge Reduction Programme our teams are maintaining the hedges and keeping the footpaths safer by removing overgrown and overhanging greenery.

From 1 February 2017, services delivered by Kier Harlow Ltd are being provided by HTS (Property & Environment) Limited. More information on HTS ​(Property & Environment) Limited

Bramble Removal Programme 2012-2017

The Bramble five year removal programme is to remove bramble in shrub beds and hedges along footpaths and cycleways. This is to keep the footpaths and cycleways clear and free of obstructions. Estimated timescales of when the programme will visit your area can be found on the following:

Shrub bed removal

Shrub bed vegetation will be cut back to behind the backline of the footpath edge and any debris or arisings will be removed and disposed of and the backlines will be swept in a shrub bed removal programme. Rubbish is cleared as part of our winter bed maintenance rounds and chemical weed control is put on the beds in February/March to hold back weed growth.