Street naming and numbering

Street nameplate for Tanyard Place Harlow Council is the street naming and numbering authority for the Harlow area. Harlow Council manages the naming and numbering of new streets and houses, ensuring that duplication of names and numbers does not occur. The Council, Royal Mail and the developer are consulted to ensure that suitable names are chosen. Details are circulated to other organisations including the emergency services.

If you have a query regarding street naming and numbering please contact an Advisor at Contact Harlow

Requests for naming and/or numbering

All requests for naming and/or numbering should be made by submitting one of the following forms:

Register new property or street form

Add or change property name form

If you do not wish to apply electronically, please contact Street Naming and Numbering officer via 01279 446655

Estate name boards/street nameplates

Except for new developments the Council is responsible for the provision and maintenance of street name signs. In the case of new developments signs are provided by the developer and only once the road has been adopted are they maintained by the Council. The signs however need to meet the Council’s Street Name Sign Specification (pdf). If you have a query or would like to report a damaged or missing street name sign, please complete the following form:

To report a street name sign that has been damaged by graffiti, please use:

Street naming and numbering charges

Street naming and numbering services can only be carried out once payment is received. Prices displayed are not subject to VAT.

Service Charge
Add Alias Name to Numbered Property £40 / property
Naming of Building Block, Flat Block or Industrial Zone (plots within the block/industrial zone charged separately) Area £110 / block or area
New Development of 1-5 plots £70 / plot
New Development of 6-50 plots £10 / plot + £300
New Development of 51+ plots £5 / plot + £550
Change to the new addresses due to the development changing after the schedule has been issued £50 / plot
Renaming of a existing property £100 / property
Confirmation of postal address for solicitors or conveyancers £40 / property
Confirmation of postal address for residents or occupiers £15 / property
Provision of New Street Name £300 / street
Renaming of a street (where requested by residents) £450 / street