Parking in residential areas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Harlow Council doing about parking problems in Harlow?

The Harlow Local Highways Panel look at parking problems across the town and the possible solutions for a better flow of traffic.More information about the panel and minutes of meetings

What is the role of North Essex Parking Partnership?

The NEPP are responsible for issuing residents and visitor permits via the MiPermit system. More information on buying parking permits

The NEPP are also responsible for the enforcement of parking and waiting restrictions, both on Harlow streets and in Harlow Council owned car parks. The NEPP carries out enforcement across the Partnership area, helping make streets safer for all, traffic flow more freely and reduce congestion.

A Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) is issued to a vehicle owner where an infringement has been seen to take place, for example parking on a double yellow line or parking in front of a dropped kerb. Enforcement is carried out by Civil Enforcement Officers and, since 2014, the NEPP’s Park Safe camera car. For more information on parking enforcement, paying a PCN (parking fine) please visit the North Essex Parking Partnership website

How can we request to be a resident parking permit area or have parking restrictions?

For your area to be considered for a Residential Permit Scheme or parking restriction, such as double yellow lines, a petition will be required with at least 25 signatures. This petition needs to be posted to or handed in person to the Civic Centre for the attention of Parking Services. A request by an individual will not be considered.

Please note: residential parking schemes or parking restriction requests are considered within six months.

A Traffic Order will be published for consultation. More information on Traffic Orders

Where a Traffic Order consultation has taken place previously but there was not enough of a resident uptake for a permit scheme, we will only consult again after a three year period.

How do I buy a residential or other parking permit?

North Essex Parking Partnership administer residential (including visitor) parking permits and Harlow Council administer other parking permits. More information on buying parking permits

Are commercial vehicles allowed to park in residential areas?

There are no restrictions on commercial vehicles parking in residential areas therefore there is no enforceable action that can be taken. In permitted areas the commercial vehicle would need to display a permit registered to a resident. You may wish to speak to the owner/company of the vehicle to see if a more suitable parking arrangement can be agreed on.

Are cars allowed to park on pavements?

If a vehicle has all four wheels on the pavement this is a matter for Essex Police.

My driveway has been blocked by a parked car.

There are actually two organisations which this type of incident could be reported to: the North Essex Parking Partnership and the Police.

If someone contacts the North Essex Parking Partnership to say a vehicle is stopping them from accessing their driveway or property then we can issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) to the vehicle (but only if more than 50% of the vehicle is parked across the driveway) however we can’t remove the vehicle itself. If, when a Civil Enforcement Officer attends, they find that the vehicle is parked appropriately and a resident can still access their property then no action will be taken.

This type of incident can also be reported to the Police (on their non-emergency number 101) as this is considered as obstruction and they can issue a Fixed Penalty Notice to the vehicle.

A vehicle is obstructing a dropped kerb?

If a vehicle is obstructing a dropped kerb please contact the North Essex Parking Partnership with the vehicle registration number.

How do I apply for open front parking/dropped kerb?

Many properties within Harlow have reasonable sized front or rear gardens that would benefit the property by being converted into a car parking space. Many of these alterations require consent. More information on open front parking/dropped kerbs

How do I apply for a disabled parking bay?

Please contact Essex County Council if you would like to apply for a disabled parking bay and you hold a valid blue badge.

I rent a Council garage and have a problem with other residents parking in front of it. 

Please report to Contact Harlow giving registration details of the car with the make and the model. The Garage Team will then contact the owner of the vehicle.

Can a business sell their cars on the road?

The Council can take action against businesses if they leave two or more cars for sale on the road within 500 metres of each other or if they repair cars on the road.
The legislation does not prevent private individuals selling their own car or anyone carrying out emergency repairs within 72 hours of the breakdown or accident.

I’ve noticed an abandoned vehicle.

An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle which can appear unwanted, un-roadworthy or damaged and is untaxed. These can be found on roads or open land. Abandoned vehicles can be dangerous and often become playgrounds for children who may not be aware of the hazards.

You can Report an abandoned vehicle(s) online if you see a vehicle you think is abandoned in Harlow.