Abandoned Vehicle

Report an abandoned vehicle(s) online if you see a vehicle you think is abandoned and isn't taxed in Harlow. Check if a vehicle is taxed online

Benefit fraud

Report benefit fraud using the secure National Benefit Fraud online form or alternatively please contact an advisor at Contact Harlow.

Bins (containers)

  • Report a missed bin online - If you have presented your bin (containers) at the agreed boundary point on the correct collection day by 7am and they have not been taken, then you can report it to us. Please be aware that pick up times may vary. If you presented your bin after 7am and have missed the collection then the crews will not return to collect it.
  • Recycling and waste container request online - If any of your containers (wheelie, caddy, recycling box or communal bin) have been stolen or damaged beyond use please report it to us.

Broken glass

Report broken glass online. Harlow Council enforcement officers can issue Fixed Penalty Notices to people who drop litter. 

Dogs and cats

Report a stray, lost and found dog or lost cat online if you find a stray, lost dog or if you have lost your dog or cat

Dog fouling

Report dog fouling online. Dog fouling is where a person in charge of a dog allows it to foul and fails to clean it up. 


Report fly posting online. Fly-posting is the illegal displaying of advertisement posters on public or private property without permission.

Fly-tipping or dumped rubbish

Report fly-tipping or dumped rubbish online if you see fly-tipping or dumped rubbish in Harlow


 Report graffiti online. Graffiti is an illegal or unauthorised defacing of a building or other structure by painting or otherwise marking it with words, pictures or symbols.

Hate Crime

Report an incident of Hate Crime. The details you provide on this secure form will be kept private and confidential, however, the information will be shared with relevant agencies to ensure that victims receive the most appropriate support.

Highways (potholes)

You can report a highway problem such as potholes, road markings, kerb and pavement defects to Essex County Council


Report litter online Harlow Council enforcement officers can issue Fixed Penalty Notices to people who drop litter.


Harlow Council's aim is to help maintain a safe, healthy noise environment for all those living or working in Harlow. More information on types of noise pollution and how to report it


The Council has a small enforcement team set up to investigate alleged breaches of planning controls, negotiate resolutions and where necessary carry out enforcement action. Report an alleged breach of planning control online.

Any enforcement action must be proportionate to the breach and justifiable should any appeal against the action be taken. More information on planning enforcement


Street lights

Most street lighting in Harlow is owned and maintained by Essex County Council, the identifying number on he column will usually be made up of black numbers and/or letters on a white background.

Squatters in Council buildings

Do you have concerns that a Harlow Council property may be occupied by squatters? If so please report this for investigation to Contact Harlow. Your report will be treated in confidence and can be made anonymously.


Whether you see a supermarket trolley, roll cage or a basket, in a ditch or by the side of the road, you can use the Trolleywise app take a photo and report it. Trolleywise is the nationwide trolley retrieval service. Download the app from the Trolleywise website