Specialist Employment Sector Support

Harlow benefits from the presence of three sectors with a potential for substantial economic growth - Advanced Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Medical Technology and Information and Communication Technology. These are the three sectors which builds on the town’s innovation and research and development legacy, providing high value opportunities to the towns economy. In addition, Harlow provides access to a skilled workforce used to supporting theses industries from within the resident population as well as benefitting from a significant catchment area covering both London and Cambridge.

Harlow Council aims to support these key target sectors and is working with partners on a number of initiatives including:

Anglia Ruskin MedTech Campus – Smart Money Scheme

Harlow Council is a partner in Anglia Ruskin University’s MedTech Campus project and thanks to the European Regional Development Fund and local government backing, medical technology (MedTech) businesses, supply-chain providers and start-ups in the sector can now access a free package of business support, tailor-made to develop and progress their ideas. Cash grants are also available. The MedTech sector includes assisted living and telehealth products and services.

The scheme funds all sorts of MedTech ideas that have the potential to cut carbon emissions. This isn’t about changing light bulbs and saving water, it’s about using the latest knowledge and expertise to drive carbon out, reduce waste and maximise profits. From reducing packaging to rethinking or introducing new solutions and practices, every good idea presents low-carbon opportunities, dramatically increasing its chances of success.

For further information visit www.medtechcampus.com/erdf-funding/overview

Manufacturing & Engineering Forum

Harlow has proven to be a wise, successful choice for many Manufacturing and Engineering businesses and has a long history in technology development. Fibre optics technology was invented here in the 1950s and today Harlow is home to key facilities of world leading businesses including Pitney Bowes and Raytheon.

To ensure the continued success and growth of this sector, Harlow Council, in partnership with the Manufacturing Advisory Service set-up the Manufacturing & Engineering Forum in 2013.

This newly established group aims to bring together industry, support organisations and the public sector to support manufacturers and engineers within the town, by providing a platform to hear from industry experts on a range of topics from attracting a skilled workforce, the benefits of innovating and how to access European funding.

Dates of the next forum are published on the Events Calendar

M11 MedTech Forum

Harlow Council has joined forces with One Nucleus, the Cambridge based life sciences facilitator to create the M11 MedTech Forum. The Forum provides a network for businesses and like-minded individuals in the Life Sciences and Medical Technology sector to support and promote the business benefits across the M11 corridor.

The  M11 Med Tech Forum offers a series of free to attend events to look at a key challenge within the sector along with a local perspective provided through case study insight. Whether the key driver is accessing innovation, expertise, capacity or cost reduction; working with external parties is now firmly part of the life science industry’s dynamic. To capture the maximal value through such a dynamic however, requires optimal management of those external relationships.

Dates of the next forum are published on the Events Calendar