Town Centre and Market

Harlow Town Centre

Harlow’s Town Centre plays an important role as a key shopping and leisure centre located in West Essex. Almost completely free of roads within the shopping areas, the town centre has the first ever pedestrian thoroughfare in the country as well as an indoor mall, The Harvey Centre and a contemporary shopping environment, The Water Gardens, all offering a range of shops, restaurants and leisure activities.

Information on Town Centre leafleting, busking and pitch rentals

Lighting up Harlow Town Centre

The Town Centre Partnership and Harlow Council are asking businesses and organisations to help contribute to funding this year’s Christmas lights in Broadwalk and Market Square. The project has been listed on the crowd funding website Spacehive www.spacehive.com/lightupharlowtowncentre 

Spacehive is the world's first funding platform for civic projects and makes it easy for people, companies and councils to fund things that make places better, allowing projects to build support direct from the community. Additionally, the Partnership have applied to Experian who have joined forces with Spacehive and created a pot of funding to match fund (up to £5,000) successful projects.

Christmas Lights (and the 30ft Norway spruce) in Broad Walk, Harvey Centre Approach, East Gate And Market Square have, over the years been managed and paid for from contributions from members of the Partnership.

Harlow Bus Station

Situated within the west side of Harlow Town Centre the Bus Station caters to companies providing both local travel services and travel to destinations throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.

Information on the Bus Station and booking tickets

Harlow Market 

Harlow Market opened on 16 May 1956. Held in Market Square, it hosts a variety of stalls ranging from fruit and vegetables, fresh fish and fresh meat to bags, clothing, magazines, books, flowers and pet supplies. The refurbished Harlow Market boasts new demountable stalls, a seating area, trees and a children's play area.

Information on running your own market stall and pitch rental rates