Vehicular access licence

Most of the roads in Harlow are defined as Publicly Maintainable Highway (Adopted Highways) and are maintained by Essex County Council.

Everyone has access over adopted highway.

There are also non-adopted areas, like garage forecourts, which are owned by us.

We give access to non-adopted areas to garage tenants or those who have a vehicular access licence.

If, for example, your house backs onto the garage forecourt and you wish to park your car in your rear garden, you would need to request a vehicular access licence from the Council.

How to apply for the vehicular access licence

You can apply for a vehicular access license by:

  • emailing or
  • sending a letter to Property and Facilities Management, Harlow Council, Civic Centre, The Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1WG

Costs to set up the licence

  • Standard fee of £300 per year
  • The application fee £180 (£150 + VAT) to cover the administration costs of Property and Facilities Management.
  • Harlow Council’s Legal Services fees, around £400 to cover the costs of preparing the legal documents
  • Costs to drop the kerb (if we need to)
  • Your own solicitors fees (if you appoint one)

These fees are a guide. Fees can vary depending on the the transaction.