Special electors category

Overseas Electors

British Citizens living abroad may register as an overseas elector, for 15 years from the date you were last registered in the UK, entitling you to vote in UK Parliamentary and European Parliamentary elections only. 

Please contact Electoral Services to obtain an application form to complete a declaration stating that you are a British Citizen not resident in the UK and the date that you ceased to be UK resident. New applications must also be supported by another British Citizen living abroad that is not a relation. Declarations are valid for 12 months and you will be sent a reminder to renew the declaration a few months before the expiry date.

Service Electors

H.M. Armed Forces and ballot boxIf you are a member of the Her Majesty's Armed Forces (Army, Royal Navy, Royal Air Force) or are a spouse or civil partner of someone in the H.M. Armed Forces then you can either register as an ordinary elector or a service voter. 

  • Being registered as an ordinary elector means you will have to register every year through the Annual Canvass and as such is suitable for people who are unlikely to move around or be posted abroad.
  • Being registered as a service voter allows you to be registered at a fixed address for three years, even if you move around or are posted abroad. The address you choose to be registered at as a service voter must be in the UK and will either be:
    • the address where you or your spouse/partner are currently living
    • where you would be living if you were not in the Armed Forces
    • your last UK address before you took up post, if you cannot say where you would be living 

If you would like to register as a service voter please contact Electoral Services for a registration form. You can also choose to apply for a postal vote or a proxy vote for as long as you remain registered as a service voter.

Registering to vote with no fixed address

You can still register to vote even if you do not have a fixed address. This may be because you are:

  • a patient in a mental health hospital
  • a homeless person
  • a person remanded in custody

To register, you need to fill in a form called a 'Declaration of local connection’. Please contact Electoral Services who can provide the relevant application form.