Your Council Tax explained

Your Council Tax pays for services provided by Harlow Council, Essex County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex (PCC) and Essex Fire Authority.

Your bill shows you how much you pay towards services provided by the above organisations.

The Council Tax bands in Harlow for 2017/18

Band Harlow Council Essex County Council Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex Essex Fire Authority Council Tax 2017/18 Total
A £181.52 £775.80 £104.70 £46.02 £1,108.04
B £211.77 £905.10 £122.15 £53.69 £1,292.71
C £242.03 £1,034.40 £139.60 £61.36 £1,477.39
D £272.28 £1,163.70 £157.05 £69.03 £1,662.06
E £332.79 £1,422.30 £191.95 £84.37 £2,031.41;
F £393.29 £1,680.90 £226.85 £99.71 £2,400.75
G £453.80 £1,939.50 £261.75 £115.05 £2,770.10
H £544.56 £2,327.40 £314.10 £138.06 £3,324.12


Although Harlow Council collects your Council Tax it only keeps around £16 of every £100 collected. The rest goes to Essex County Council, the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex (PCC) and Essex Fire Authority.

Service £100 breakdown
Essex Fire Authority £4
Essex PCC £10
Harlow Council £16
Essex County Council £70

What you pay a week in Council Tax for Harlow Council services 2017/18

Council Tax Band £ per week
A £3.49
B £4.07
C £4.65
D £5.24
E £6.40
F £7.56
G £8.73
H £10.47


This pays for services like waste and recycling collections, street cleaning, parks and open spaces maintenance, community safety, environmental health, planning, licensing, services for young people, playgrounds and grant aid to local groups. To see the full list of what we do and how we can help you please use the A-Z or services on this website.

To protect services and help towards meeting savings of £1.3m Harlow Council’s share of Council Tax will increase by 9p a week for the average “Band C” Council Tax bill. This year Essex County Council is increasing its share by 57p a week for the social care precept. Essex Police & Crime Commissioner’s share will increase by 8p a week and Essex Fire & Rescue Service’s share will go up by 2p a week.

What else we do....

  • Support and provide services to a population of 83,000, which is estimated to be nearly 90,000 by 2021.
  • Maintain - 1.7 million square metres of open spaces, 820,000 square metres of parks and 563,200 square metres of sports grounds.
  • Collect - around 12,000 tonnes of recycling, food waste and green waste and around 13,500 tonnes of household rubbish.
  • Clean - 252 miles of roads and streets on each street cleaning cycle, pick up 1,150 tonnes of litter and rubbish from the streets and remove 120 items of graffiti.
  • Answer - an average of 450 phone calls a day in our Customer Service Centre - Contact Harlow

Harlow Council priorities for 2017/18

  • More and better housing
  • Regeneration and a thriving economy
  • Wellbeing and social inclusion
  • A clean and green environment
  • Successful children and young people

What we plan to spend on services

More information on other organisations spend: