Abandoned vehicles

An abandoned vehicle is a vehicle which can appear unwanted, un-roadworthy or damaged and is untaxed. These can be found on roads or open land. Abandoned vehicles can be dangerous and often become playgrounds for children who may not be aware of the hazards. More information on street cleaning.

How can I report an abandoned vehicle?

Please check if the vehicle is taxed and the status of the MOT:

if you see a vehicle you think is abandoned in Harlow please report it to us.

How can I claim ownership of a vehicle?

Please use this form to claim ownership of a vehicle that has been issued with a AV1 or AV3 notice by Harlow Council.

How can I dispose of my vehicle?

There are authorised treatment facilities (ATF) who can dispose of you vehicle for scrap and you may even get money.

If you do not wish to use an ATF, then the Council can remove your vehicle upon request for a charge. If you wish for the Council to dispose of your vehicle please contact an Advisor at Contact Harlow.

Can I abandon my car for the Council to get rid of?

It is an environmental crime and an offence to abandon a car and you may be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice or be prosecuted.