Planning Policy - Article 4 Directions

An Article 4 Direction (under The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (as amended)) allows the Council to manage change in special areas in a positive way, by removing certain permitted development rights normally available to householders.

Where an Article 4 Direction is in place, householders must make a formal planning application to the Council and receive planning permission before carrying out the form(s) of development specified in the Direction.

An Article 4 Direction does not mean that homeowners cannot make any changes to their property.

It means that homeowners have to make a planning application to the Council first, before carrying out certain forms of development as specified in the relevant Direction.

Existing Article 4 Directions

There are currently five existing Article 4 Directions in force in Harlow. These are in:


The Templefields North East Article 4 Direction removes the automatic right for landowners in this area to convert business premises into residential accommodation.

The direction covers the Harlow Enterprise Zone area - Templefields North East. 

Landowners now have to go through the normal full planning application process – a process over which we have greater control.

This prevents the spread of conversions of industrial and commercial properties into residential accommodation in inappropriate locations.