Benefits - appeal

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is a Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) benefit and is not administered by Harlow Council. If you have any questions about Universal Credit you can contact the DWP helpline: 0345 600 0723 or Textphone: 0345 600 0743.

Council Tax Support appeals

If you think a Council Tax Support decision is wrong, you can appeal to Harlow Council. More information on Council Tax appeals

Housing Benefit appeals

The Housing Benefit appeals process gives you the opportunity to challenge decisions made by us about your entitlement to Housing Benefit.

Most decisions that we make can be looked at again. When we award or amend your benefit, we always send you an entitlement letter with your rights of appeal. You should always read any letter that you receive. If you have problems understanding the letter you should contact us as soon as possible and we will try to explain the letter further.

If you do not agree with our decision please send a completed Request to Review Decision (pdf) form to:

Revenues and Benefits
Harlow Council
Civic Centre
The Water Gardens
CM20 1WG


Alternatively, you can hand your appeal form to Contact Harlow . If you hand your appeal in at Contact Harlow lease ask for a receipt, this is important because the date that you make the appeal may affect the chances of it being heard.

If you make the appeal by email we will treat the date that we receive the message as the date the appeal is made, you must however follow it up with a signed and dated paper copy within two weeks as without this the appeal is not duly made and will not be heard.

Ask for a written explanation

You can ask for a more detailed explanation. You must request this using the form within a calendar month from the date on your entitlement letter.

Your request will be passed to the officer who made the decision on your claim and you will receive a letter explaining the reason why your claim has changed, and the cause of the change.

Request for a reconsideration

You can ask us to reconsider the decision. You must request this in writing within a calendar month from the date on your entitlement letter.

You should provide any proof that you think is relevant.

Your request will be passed to our dedicated appeals officer. They will review the decision to your claim to identify if there has been a mistake in the calculation. You will receive a detailed letter confirming whether the decision has been changed, along with the relevant legislation that supports our decision. You then have one calendar month from the date of this letter to register a formal appeal if you still disagree with this decision.

Independent appeals tribunal

You can make a formal appeal if you don’t agree with the decision that Harlow Council has made on your claim and would like the decision to be review by an independent appeals tribunal.

This must be made in writing within a calendar month from the date on your entitlement letter and be signed. If you submit the appeal later than one calendar month you must tell us why you have delayed making the appeal. If the appeal is made late it will be up to the Tribunal Service to decide whether or not they will accept it. Any appeal made more than 13 calendar months after the original decision was notified cannot be heard by law.

Your appeal request will be passed to Harlow Council’s appeals officer. They will prepare a submission and send this to the tribunal service. You will then receive an option about whether to attend the tribunal or not. The tribunal will then decide whether Harlow Council has made the correct decision. It is important to note that this process can take a long time to complete due to the level of work involved in preparing a submission and receiving a hearing date.

More information

For more information on the appeals process or to check the progress of your appeal please contact our appeals officer on 01279 446462.

For more information about the Independent appeals tribunal visit Tribunal Service overview.

For an independent overview of the appeals process please visit: Shelter