Building Control - Dangerous Structures

Dangerous bulding structureConcerns relating to construction sites will normally be dealt with by the Health and Safety Executive.

Other dangerous buildings and structures, usually fall into one of two categories:

  1. Potentially dangerous
  2. Imminently dangerous

Potentially dangerous structures.

Harlow Council will contact the owner to give a period of time in which to make the structure safe. In rare cases where this does not work, the Council may seek a court order or carry out the work itself and recover the cost from the owner.

Imminently dangerous structures

Harlow Council has powers to take, any reasonable emergency action to either remove the structure or render it safe.

The Council’s Building Control Officers will be called to inspect any dangerous structure reported and attempt to respond within 1 hour of receipt.

If you are concerned about the stability of a building or structure please phone:

  • Building Control Services on 01279 446827 or 01279 446859, or
  • HTS (Property & Environment) Ltd Emergency Services on 01279 446666 (out of hours)