Community engagement

Harlow Council takes its responsibility for engaging with local people seriously and aims, wherever possible and practical, to take their views and opinions into consideration when making decisions about things that affect them.

The Council genuinely wants to ensure that people feel well informed about local issues; have the opportunity to get involved in and influence local decision making and the ability to tell the Council what they think about its policies, procedures, service delivery and work with partner organisations. Above all, the Council wants to help build strong, involved and integrated communities where people can live happily alongside one another and enjoy all the benefits the town has to offer.

The purpose of a Community Engagement Strategy is to build on good practices that already exist within the Council; plan a way forward for engaging with local people in the future and ultimately increase the number and diversity of people who engage with and work with the Council to help make Harlow the best place it can possibly be. The strategy also acknowledges the Council’s desire to work closely together with statutory, voluntary and community partners for the benefit of all local people.