Council Tax challenge banding or appeal a bill

Please note: querying, challenging or appealing your Council Tax does not allow you to withhold payment. If your query, challenge or appeal is successful you will be entitled to a refund of any overpaid Council Tax.

Check your property banding

Your Council Tax bill will state which band you are in or you may check the banding of your property on the website. Alternatively you can Contact Harlow to ask for your banding.

If you live in, or move to, a property that has not yet been placed into a band by the listing officer, please Contact Harlow. You will be asked to arrange an interim payment plan.

To query or challenge banding

You can query or challenge you banding by contacting the Valuation Office Agency.

Council Tax payer appeals to Harlow Council

Council Tax payers have certain appeal rights, which are listed below. All disputes should be raised in writing initially with the Council.

These include:

  • You think there has been a mistake in your bill
  • If you think you are not liable to pay the Council Tax and the bill has been issued in your name
  • If you have claimed a discount and this has not been granted
  • If you have claimed that your property is exempt from Council Tax and this has not been granted
  • If you have claimed a reduction because you have a disabled person in your household and this has not been granted

When initially submitting a written appeal to the Council, please state the nature of your appeal and provide any reference numbers shown on your Council Tax bill to Harlow Council Council Tax appeals address below. This will help us to deal with your enquiry without undue delay.

Owner appeals to the Council

If you do not pay Council Tax direct to the Council because you are the owner or landlord of a tenanted property, or your property is currently exempt, you have the same rights of appeal as a resident occupier and you should write in the first instance to Harlow Council Council Tax appeals.

Council Tax appeals to Harlow Council

Please address your appeal in writing to:

Revenues and Benefits
Civic Centre
The Water Gardens
College Square
CM20 1WG


Making an appeal does not allow you to withhold payment of Council Tax. If your appeal is successful you will be entitled to a refund of any overpaid Council Tax. You should receive a response within 14 working days informing you of the Council's decision.

Council Tax and Local Council Tax Support (LCTS) appeals to an independent Valuation Tribunal

If the Council cannot resolve your appeal, or you do not get a reply within two months, you may appeal to the Valuation Tribunal. This tribunal is independent of the Council. You must do this within two months of the date when the Council notified you of its decision or, if you have received no reply from the Council, within four months from the date of your initial appeal. The Valuation Tribunal will ask you to make your appeal in writing, stating which decision you are appealing against, why you disagree with it or, as the case may be, that the Council did not reach a decision. If you and the Council agree, your case may be dealt with by an exchange of written representations; otherwise, the Tribunal will get in touch with you to make arrangements for a personal hearing and will send you a leaflet explaining its procedures in detail.

A Tribunal hearing will not cost you anything unless you choose to employ a solicitor or other person to present your case. If the Tribunal decides in your favour, the Council will revise your bill and adjust your payments, if necessary. Further details of the appeals procedures, including the role of the Valuation Tribunals may be obtained from the Valuation Tribunal website or Contact Harlow.