Covenant Control - Aerials and domestic satellite dishes

When homes were first built in Harlow New Town, no aerials were allowed as TV was provided through a cable system. To stop residents putting up aerials the Harlow Development Corporation and the Commission for New Towns put restrictive covenants on most of the new properties built, whereby aerials could not be erected without their consent. Upon the demise of these organisations, the rights of the restrictive TV aerial covenant transferred to Harlow Council.

Due to viewers' changing TV expectations and technological advances, the use of this restrictive TV aerial covenant became an outdated approach, and the Council decided to approve any reasonable request to erect aerials and to not enforce the covenant, subject to any planning consents that may be required.

However, due to the nature of the restrictive covenants the record of this restriction may remain in place on property title deeds, and although the Council has decided not to enforce the covenant, it may be enforceable by neighbours, in which case you may need to obtain the consent of your neighbours before undertaking any work to erect an aerial or satellite dish.

Council Tenants

If you are a Council tenant you do not need to obtain the permission of the Council to erect an aerial unless you are living in a Council flat, communal building or are a Council Leaseholder.

Planning Permission for aerials and domestic satellite dishes

You will not normally need planning permission to install an aerial, satellite dish or other microwave antenna on a house but check with the Council if you have any doubt. However, if your property is a listed building or in a conservation area you are likely to need planning permission.

For further information on planning restrictions, please email