Community Safety Rangers and Officers

Community Safety Ranger, dog and vanCommunity Safety Rangers

Protecting the town’s parks, woodlands, playgrounds, ponds, paddling pools, Council buildings and other public areas from crime and vandalism is the job of Harlow Council’s small but dedicated team of Community Safety Rangers. On duty each Ranger is partnered with their own dog and they provide a highly visible uniformed presence in the town. The Rangers are the 'eyes and ears' of the local community and work in partnership with Community Safety Officers and the Police.

What you can expect from our Rangers:

  • Service dedicated to protecting Harlow’s public areas and open spaces and where possible resolving problems as they occur
  • Uniform provide a uniformed presence within the community at different times of the day or night, seven days a week
  • Dogs patrolling with highly trained German Shepherd dogs, which provide ‘personal handler protection’
  • Good relationships forging strong links with local businesses, community groups, clubs, schools, churches and local residents’ organisations like Neighbourhood Watch
  • Partnerships liaising closely with the Police, Council Services and other agencies to enhance the local environment, rectify problems and improve the safety of our town
  • Enforcement gathering intelligence, report and challenge those who commit acts of Antisocial Behaviour and Environmental Crimes with the power to issue Fixed Penalty Notices

Community Safety Officers

Community Safety Officers (CSO) provide a highly visible uniformed presence in the community. What you can expect from our CSOs:

  • Service: Working with all groups (young people, the elderly, the isolated, families, parents etc) building community pride, ownership and involvement in Harlow
  • Uniform: providing a highly visible uniformed presence within the community at various times, including daytime, evenings and weekends
  • Identify: community led solutions to local issues, by working with you to improve safety and build reassurance
  • Good relationships: households, schools, shops, community groups and churches visited to discuss priorities or concerns for the neighbourhood
  • Involvement: encouraging community involvement in future facilities/activities
  • Partnership: liaising with the Police, Council services and other agencies, to improve the environment and improve safety
  • Enforcement: tackling those who commit Antisocial Behaviour and Environmental Crimes

More information on the enforcement powers of Community Safety Rangers and Officers