Licensing - Designated Public Place Orders

Designated Public Place Orders Sections 12 -16 of the Criminal Justice Police Act 2001 gives local authorities powers to designate an area, where there is evidence of nuisance or disorder associated with the consumption of alcohol in public places.

Where Harlow Council is satisfied that nuisance, annoyance or disorder has been associated with consumption of alcohol in a particular public area then it can, following the appropriate consultation process, designate that area by the making of an order. The effect of a designation order is that a Police Officer may require a person not to consume intoxicating liquor and to surrender containers of such liquor. A person who fails to comply with such a requirement imposed upon them commits an offence. An offence is not the consumption of alcohol in a designated public place, but drinking after being required by an officer not to do so.

Designated Public Place Orders in Harlow

Harlow Council has, following full consultation, made designation orders in the following locations:

Can local authorities introduce blanket restrictions and create alcohol free zones?

Before an area is proposed for designation the local authority must obtain evidence of anti-social nuisance or disorder associated with it. A total ban on public drinking is not the intended purpose of the Act

Can restrictions be relaxed during public events?

Local authorities can, with the agreement of the police, allow public events to proceed without any restrictions on alcohol. Since the powers are only discretionary, these can be reviewed if local circumstances demand.