Upcoming elections

Casual Vacancy

There is a Notice of Casual Vacancy in Toddbrook Ward (pdf)


A by-election has been called in the Bush Fair ward and the Netteswell ward.

The elections for both wards will be held on 8 November 2018.

The timetable for the elections being held in Bush Fair ward and Netteswell ward:



Wednesday 17 October   Poll cards being hand delivered between 17-21 October
Tuesday 23 October Midnight Last date for applications to be included in the election
Wednesday 24 October 5pm

Deadline for a new postal vote application

Deadline for cancelling or changing an existing postal or proxy vote

Thursday 25 October   Postal vote packs sent by Royal Mail
Wednesday 31 October 5pm Deadline for new proxy applications
Wednesday 31 October After 5pm First time for emergency proxy applications
Friday 2 November   First day to apply for lost or spoilt postal vote pack 
Thursday 8 November 7am-10pm POLLING DAY
Thursday 8 November  5pm Deadline for receipt of emergency proxy applications
Thursday 8 November 5pm Deadline for replacing lost or spoilt postal vote packs


Bush Fair Ward

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Number of votes
Jodi Dunne Labour   
Andreea Hardware Conservative  
Anita Long UK Independence Party (UKIP)  
Lesley Rideout Liberal Democrats  
Nicholas Taylor Harlow Alliance Party  


Netteswell Ward

Name of Candidate Description (if any) Number of votes
Jake Brackstone Conservative  
Mark Gough UK Independence Party (UKIP)  
Shannon Jezzard Labour  
Alan Leverett  Harlow Alliance Party  
Robert Thurston Liberal Democrats