Environmental Crime

Boy spraying graffiti on a wallCrimes affecting the environment range from throwing a cigarette butt onto the ground, right up to larger environmental crimes such as fly-tipping industrial waste. All environmental crimes have the common definition that they spoil the local environment for the communities that live in them. How we feel about the area in which we live can have a significant effect on perceptions of safety, and affect our health. An area plastered with graffiti and suffering from vandalism and disrepair, can often get caught in a downward spiral which leads to a loss of ownership by the community.

The Council is committed to tackling environmental crime, and take a zero tolerance approach to tackle offenders. The Council's Community Safety Team also have a programme of preventative initiatives to educate people (in particular children) to change their behaviour for the long term.

Reporting Environmental Crime

Below are types of environmental crimes and how to report it.