Environmental Permits

If your business carries out processes that could harm the environment or human health unless they are controlled, you will need an environmental permit.

There are four categories of environmental permits.

Part A1

Part A2

Part B

  • You need a Part B permit if your business causes emissions to air.
  • We regulate Part B installations and issue permits.

Schedule 13A

Apply for a permit

To apply for a Part A2, Part B or Schedule 13A permit, you need to:

  • Contact us for an application form
  • Complete the application form and send it to our Environmental Health team
  • Pay the correct fee (contact us for information on fees)

We will consider your application and use government guidance to decide whether to issue or refuse the permit.

If a permit is issued, it will include conditions for minimising pollution, which you need to adhere to.

You do not need to renew your permit each year, but you need to pay an annual charge.


We will inspect installations with a permit to make sure the best available technology and practices are being used to minimise pollution.

We will rate installations as high, medium or low depending on the environmental impact that would occur if something went wrong and the way in which the activity is managed.

Installations that are operated well will benefit from a lower annual charge and less frequent inspections.

The Public Register

We keep a register of all businesses in the Harlow area that have an environmental permit.

Part A2 process

Part B processes

You can make an appointment to view the public register at the Civic Centre by calling 01279 446111.

You can look at GOV.UK to view the public register maintained by the Environment Agency.