Environment Service Improvement Team

The Environment Service Improvement Team (ESIT) meets every month to discuss the cleanliness of the streets and housing estates, and the maintenance of open spaces and parks within Harlow.

The ESIT helps create policies, improve council performance and build relationships with local partners to make sure our town is a place to be proud of.

The ESIT includes residents, volunteers, Harlow Council Councillors and Officers and HTS representatives. The ESIT is limited to a maximum number of 15. The Chair Person is elected every year. 

How to join

If you would be interested in joining the ESIT, please contact Terri Bishop by email: terri.bishop@harlow.gov.uk

Chair of the ESIT

Colin Hooper

ESIT meetings

Dates for the next meeting are on the events calendar

Meetings are held at the Civic Centre