Fire safety in tower blocks

After the major fire at Grenfell Tower on Tuesday 14 June 2017 Harlow Council is reassuring its residents living in tower blocks about the fire safety measures it takes:

Essex Fire & Rescue Service has also provided specific safety information about high-rise accommodation at:

Essex Fire & Rescue Service is reminding everyone that they carry out home fire safety visits to anyone living in Essex completely free of charge, where they will run through escape plans and fit smoke alarms, if required. To book a visit call 0300 303 0088 or book online at:

Fire risk assessments for tower blocks

In order to help ensure the safety of residents and visitors, and to comply with current legislation, should a fire occur at one of the below tower blocks, a well-documented fire risk assessment has been completed. This includes a general assessment of the main hazards and details of the control measures put in place to minimise risk in the event of a fire.

Keep communal areas free of rubbish and hazards

Harlow Council is responsible for making sure its buildings and communal areas meet fire safety regulations. Communal areas may include internal corridors, external walkways to flats, lobby areas, shed areas or external bin stores.

To keep you safe we monitor communal areas and look out for any items likely to be a hazard and regularly carry out fire risk assessments and reviews. If there is a fire, an emergency evacuation may be hindered if there are any obstacles in the corridors or on staircases.

It is important that these areas are kept clear at all times. Housing Officers will request removal of any items left in communal areas. If you are unable to remove them yourself you should contact your Housing Officer.

Electrical cupboards must not be used for storage; any items found in them will be removed immediately. Balconies can also present a high level of risk. If you have a balcony, any stored items must not be flammable. Barbecues, fuel containers and gas bottles are not allowed. Although we do as much as we can to keep fire risks down, we need your help as residents to make sure communal areas are kept clear and safe.

High-Rise Fire Safety film

Advice from Essex County Fire and Rescue Service on what to do in the event of a fire in a high-rise, whether it’s in your flat or somewhere else in the building.