Housing panels and forums

Want to help improve your housing service?

If you are a Council housing tenant or leaseholder and care about your community or you want to improve your housing service, why not do something about it?

  1. Attend a Council tenants or Leaseholder forum
  2. Attend one or join of the Council's Housing Standards Panels
  3. Take part in surveys either online, face to face or over the phone
  4. Become a tenant or leaseholder representative
  5. Become a Voluntary Resident Inspector and carry out regular site inspections of Harlow Council’s Housing and Neighbourhood Services
  6. Join us on your local ward inspection to help identify improvements to the area
  7. Become a Designated Person to help Council tenants and leaseholders as part of the complaints handling process
  8. Ask us to add you to the Sounding Board List, to receive emails on different housing events or consultations to provide your views and feedback.
  9. Attend a meeting of your local Residents’ Association (RA), become an RA member or if you don’t have an RA, help set one up

Housing boards, forums, groups, panels and inspections

Regulation of social housing

Since April 2012, the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) took responsibility for the regulation of social housing providers in England replacing the Tenant Service Authority (TSA). The HCA are responsible for maintaining the register of social housing providers and for setting out the regulatory framework within which they must operate. The HCA’s regulatory responsibilities are discharged through an independent Regulation Committee and within the parameters of the Regulatory Framework. While the HCA have set consumer standards, the primary responsibility for resolving issues with these is between landlords and their tenants at a local level. The HCA will only intervene in cases of serious detriment that have caused, or are likely to cause, harm.

If you have a regulation enquiry with a registered provider of social housing please contact Referrals and Regulatory Enquiries Team on 0300 1234 500 (option 2) or email mail@homesandcommunities.co.uk.