Gambling Act 2005 - Small lotteries

If you want to sell tickets to the public for a draw or run a sweepstake, you will need to register a small society lottery.

You can’t hold a small lottery for commercial gain. A society is non-commercial if it is run for:

  • charitable purposes
  • enabling participation in sport or a cultural activity (for example theatre)
  • any non-commercial purpose other than that of private gain

A small society lottery must not:

  • have proceeds that exceed £20,000 for a single draw
  • have proceeds that exceed £250,000 in a calendar year

To register a small society lottery, you need to:

  • complete the application form (pdf)
  • send the form to the Licensing Team
  • pay the £40 fee

Once we receive your application form, we will:

  • review it within ten working days
  • let you know our decision

Within three months of the lottery draw, you need to send us a lottery return form, to let us know:

  • how the lottery was arranged
  • the total amount you collected
  • any expenses you incurred 
  • how you are using the proceeds - at least 20% of the total you collect must go towards the society