Garages - ending your tenancy

If you want to end your Council garage tenancy you need to:

  • empty the garage and make sure it is clean.
  • remove all fixtures and fittings from walls - including any nails/screws
  • remove any padlocks you have fitted and leave the garage locked
  • make sure the rent account is clear
  • bring two keys into Contact Harlow, Civic Centre - we will charge you for a lock change if you don't hand back both keys
  • sign the paperwork provided by Contact Harlow Advisor

If you are handing keys back on behalf of the tenant, you must have written and signed permission from the tenant.

If you hand your keys in before midday on a Monday then your rent account will be closed from the day before (Sunday).

If you hand keys in after midday a Monday, you will be charged for that week’s rent and your account will be closed the following Sunday.

If the Monday is a Bank Holiday, you need to return your keys before midday on the first Tuesday after the holiday if you do not want to be charged for that week's rent.