Health and Safety at work

Harlow Council is responsible for the enforcement of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and associated legislation in many workplaces in Harlow. Harlow Council's Environmental Health Team produce the Health and Safety Service Plan 2012-13 (pdf) and support the plan by:

  • helping local employers maintain a safe business both by carrying out regular inspections and by offering advice and practical help.
  • promptly investigate enquiries and complaints about unsafe premises, poor working conditions and accident notifications taking appropriate action under the law as necessary
  • producing a range of information leaflets to help businesses comply with the law
  • being notified of and record cooling towers
  • taking part in national campaigns to promote health and safety or compliance with legislation.

Sensible risk management

The Council aims to promote sensible risk management in line with the HSE's (Health and Safety Executive’s) campaign. In recent years concerns about an irrational approach to health and safety have increasingly been expressed.

Harlow Council work in partnership with HSE to ensure that duty-holders manage their workplace with regard to health and safety for the workforce, and others who are affected. This is carried out through advice, inspections, and investigations. Enforcement action is taken as appropriate. We undertake a programme of topic based interventions in consultation and agreement with our colleagues across Essex.

Sensible risk management is not about creating a risk free society, stopping activities or reducing protection of workers from real risks.

Sensible risk management does ensure that workers and the public are protected, that risks are managed and that individuals act responsibly.