Council Tenants and Leaseholder forums

The Harlow Council Tenants and Leaseholder Forums are open to the public and give residents the opportunity to join in and find out more about issues that affect our local community. By joining, you can hear about the Council's current or future housing projects, as well as make yourself heard on issues that matter to you.

In addition to the Tenants and Leaseholder Forums, the Housing Policy and Standards Forum, which is closed to the public, is organised prior to every Housing Committee meeting.

Tenants Forum

This forum is an open event to tenants who wish to engage with Harlow Council Housing services to help shape future policies and to hear feedback from the Housing Management Service Improvement Team and the tenants representatives. Please come along and get involved. Together we can make a difference! Upcoming housing events and meetings list

For further information on the Tenants Forum, please email:

Leaseholder Forum

The Leaseholder Forum was set up to ensure that leaseholders have a chance to get involved. It takes account of the interests of leaseholders as part of our strategy for increasing the involvement of tenants and leaseholders in the decision-making process. The purpose of the forum is to provide regular consultation between us, Harlow Council and leaseholders on all relevant matters. The forum meets twice a year and provides new opportunities for leaseholders to express their views on the services which affect them. The forum is also a valuable help in developing services and reviewing policies as it will increase our understanding of how services affect leaseholders. Upcoming housing events and meetings list

For further information on the Leaseholder Forum, please contact the Home Ownership Team on 01279 446424.