Housing inspection for the purpose of immigration

People from outside the European Union who are coming to live in Harlow must be able to show that they are going to live in accommodation of a suitable size and standard. The property they intend to live in must not be overcrowded by them coming to it.

To show that the property they intend to live in is of suitable size and standard the incoming person’s sponsor can ask the Council’s Environmental Health Team or a private chartered surveyor to provide a report.

Should you wish to use Harlow Council’s Environmental Health Team please contact them on 01279 446111 or email env.health@harlow.gov.uk.


This is a non-statutory service, and a fee applies to cover costs. The fee at the time of writing [2012/13] is £100.00. The fee is payable in advance, and may be paid by cheque supported with a bankers card; credit or debit card; or in cash.

Application for a report

To get an immigration report you must provide all of the following:

  1. A completed application form - Immigration Inspection Report Application Form (pdf)
  2. The fee
  3. A copy of the letter from the immigration authority (normally the British High Commission in the country the person is coming from) to show the required details of the report

If any of these three items cannot be provided then we will not provide a report. When you have all three please take them to Contact Harlow

The inspection

The visiting inspector will need to access all areas and rooms of the subject property in order to assess its suitability under the housing health and safety rating system and an overcrowding assessment.

The final report will confirm whether or not the inspected property is suitable for habitation and if it is overcrowded or is likely to become so in the foreseeable future (e.g. a child attaining the age of 10 years). The report will be posted within five working days to the person completing the application form at his/her address unless requested otherwise. Alternatively you can come and collect it from the Harlow Council.

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