Insurance - making a claim

Solicitors making claims with Harlow Council

If you are a solicitor and wish to make a claim via the claims portal, please contact or 01279 446030/446215 for details of the correct portal.

Claims made by members of the public

For claims made by members of the public please use the process, as described below.

Making a claim for Home Contents Insurance

Harlow Council offers a home contents insurance scheme for Harlow Council tenants, that is payable by weekly instalments. If you wish to make a claim on this Home Contents Insurance, please refer to the Home Contents Insurance page for details.

Making a claim for personal injury or damage to property due to the fault of Harlow Council or HTS Group Ltd

You may be considering making a claim against Harlow Council or HTS Group Ltd due to a personal injury or damage to your property. For your claim to be successful you will need to prove that the Council has been at fault in law.

Although something unfortunate may have happened, there is no automatic entitlement to compensation. What is alleged to have happened may not be the Council's or HTS Group Ltds fault. For example, if there is a particularly bad storm which lifts some roof tiles off and, as a result, water comes through the roof and the ceiling damaging a bedroom carpet, it might be successfully argued that the Council or HTS Group Ltd was not liable and not at fault (negligent) as it could not have predicted the damage or prevented it from happening.

Please think carefully before making a claim. Any claim may have to be paid from Council resources and the cost of processing unsuccessful claims is a drain on staff time and may divert resources from front line services.

Harlow Council is under a duty to protect the public funds it administers, and so we may use the information you provide for the prevention and detection of fraud. It may also share this information with other bodies responsible for auditing or administering public funds for these purposes. More information on data matching and sharing.

Handling of your claim

When you inform Harlow Council or HTS Group Ltd that you wish to make a negligence claim you will be asked to write in to Insurance Services, Harlow Council, Civic Centre, Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1WG, giving the following information:

  1. Name, address, telephone number;
  2. Exact time and date of the accident/incident;
  3. Written details of how the accident/incident occurred and a brief description of the nature of the defect. If the claim is for personal injury or property damage due to a defect on a roadway, pathway or cycleway please also provide a sketch of the precise location of the accident/incident, indicating landmarks such as houses, shops, streetlamps or other conspicuous objects;
  4. Details of how the damage was caused, if known;
  5. Photographs of the site (optional);
  6. Details of injuries or damage to property;


When the Council's Insurance Services receive your claim, they will acknowledge receipt of your letter and provide you with a claim reference number and contact information. The Council may also refer your claim to its insurers. If your claim is referred, Harlow Council insurers will also separately acknowledge you and you must then deal directly with them. The Council will then investigate your claim and the claims handler (our insurers if the claim has been referred) will decide whether or not the Council is at fault.

If the claim is for damage to your property, the claims handler/insurer will ask you for the original receipts, and/or estimates for replacement. They will also ask for the age of the items. This is because any payment will take into account wear and tear. When communicating with the Council, claims handler or insurer please quote the claim number given to you.

Please note that if you are making a claim against HTS Group Ltd or its contractors for personal injury or damage to property (for example, a HTS Group Ltd operative or one of its contractors damages your carpet while carrying out work in your property), please address correspondence to:

HTS Group Insurance Department,
Insurance Services,
Civic Centre,
The Water Gardens,
CM20 1WG

If you wish to discuss a possible claim against HTS Group Ltd please call Insurance Services on 01279 44 6030 stating the matter is regarding HTS.  Alternatively please call Contact Harlow or HTS Group Ltd Customer Services on 01279 446915

Should you wish to discuss making a claim please contact:

  • For any claim directly against HTS Group Ltd or their contractors please call Contact Harlow or HTS Group Ltd Customer Services on 01279 446915
  • For any other claim against Harlow Council please call Contact Harlow

More information on HTS ​Group Ltd

Insurance claims for roads and footpaths

Harlow Council is not responsible for repair and maintenance of all roads and footpaths in Harlow District. Many are the responsibility of Essex County Council. If you are unsure who is responsible for a road or footpath please contact an Advisor at Contact Harlow who can assist.

Leaseholder buildings claims (residential leaseholders of Harlow Council and buildings)

For leaseholder loss or damage to buildings, e.g. damage from burst pipes to plasterwork in the premises, please refer to the Leaseholders Building Insurance - What you need to know page for details.

Motor accidents

  • For incidents involving Harlow Council insured vehicle please call Contact Harlow or write to Insurance Services, Harlow Council, Civic Centre, Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex, CM20 1WG
  • For incidents involving a HTS Group Ltd vehicle, please contact HTS Group Ltd/Transport Section through Contact Harlow or by writing to:
    HTS Group Ltd Transport Manager
    Mead Park Depot
    Mead Industrial park
    River Way
    CM20 2SE