Independent Member of the Audit and Standards Committee

Contract type
This is not a contractual role
Audit and Standards Committee
Civic Centre
Annual Allowance of £510 per year, subject to annual approval by Full Council
Approximately four meetings are held each year, typically lasting up to two hours. In addition, there will be a requirement to attend occasional training sessions and prepare for meetings.
Closing date
Interview date
To be confirmed

Harlow District Council is seeking to appoint an Independent member to its Audit and Standards Committee. The Audit and Standards Committee role is two-fold:

Audit – The Committee oversees the Council's internal audit and risk functions; receives and approves external audit reports; scrutinises and approves the Annual Statement of Accounts; makes reports and recommendations to the Cabinet, Committees and the Council as a whole on the adequacy of its corporate governance and risk management arrangements and the associated control environment.

Standards - The Committee deals with a range of matters including issues concerning Councillors’ conduct, providing advice and guidance to the Council, the Cabinet and individual Councillors and advising on the application and review of the Constitution.

The Committee’s Terms of Reference can be found on the Council's website and successful candidates will join the ten Councillors who sit on the Committee, and have full voting rights. Committee meetings are held at the Civic offices in the evening. Approximately four meetings are held each year, typically lasting up to two hours. In addition, there will be a requirement to attend occasional training sessions and prepare for meetings. 

Applications should be made in writing to the Head of Finance and candidates will be interviewed by a panel made up of Committee members including the Audit and Standards Committee Chair. A representative of the Senior Management Board and the Internal Audit Manager will also be attendance. 

Duties and responsibilities
1.    To attend meetings of the Audit and Standards Committee and any sub-committees or other forum as and when required.
2.    To participate fully in the discharge of the Audit and Standards Committee functions, as set out in the Committee’s terms of reference.
3.    To actively promote good governance within Harlow District Council
4.    To participate in training and development events to promote awareness of the role and remit of the Audit and Standards Committee.

Role requirements
Appendix 1 sets out the person specification for the role.

Eligibility/Special conditions
To be eligible to apply for either role you:
•    Must not be a member or officer at Harlow District Council or have been so in the preceding five years prior to appointment.
•    Must not be closely associated with anyone who is now a member/employee of Harlow District Council.
•    Must have no unspent criminal convictions (Rehabilitation of Offenders Act applies).
•    Must not be undischarged bankrupt.
•    Should have no significant business dealings with Harlow District Council, which could be seen to be prejudicial to a person’s independence or represent a conflict of interests. 
•    Should have no connection with any political group or be engaged in any party political activity.

Applicants must also be prepared to publicity declare and register any interest they have on the same basis as members of Harlow District Council and observe the requirements of the Council’s Constitution in performance of their duties in their capacity as an independent member.

Successful candidates will receive an annual allowance of £510 per year, subject to annual approval by Full Council. Reasonable expenses can be claimed in line with Member’s subsistence, travelling and carer’s allowances as per part 6 (Councillor’s allowance scheme) of the Council’s constitution. 

Term of office
The Term of Office for an independent member of the Audit and Standards Committee is three years. After their first term has expired, they can be appointed again if they wished for a second term unopposed; however, if they wished to serve further terms after this then their further appointment has to be subject to a competitive selection process.

Apply text

How to apply

Applications should be made in writing to Simon Freeman, Head of Finance, Harlow District Council, Civic Centre, Water Gardens, Harlow, CM20 1WG, ideally supported by a recent CV and covering letter. Email submissions can be made to Simon Freeman via Sarah Marsh, Internal Audit Manager, .

The closing date for applications is 5pm Friday 28th February 2020.

For general enquiries about the position, or specific information about the Audit and Standards Committee, please contact Sarah Marsh, Internal Audit Manager on 01279 446884 or

Members of ethnic minority communities and disabled people are currently under-represented on the Committee so applications from members of these groups are particularly welcome, although all applications will be considered on merit.