Land searches and charges

Local Land Charges - Official Searches

The standard Local Land Charge search is divided into two parts, the LLC1 and the Con 29. These forms are usually submitted together by a Solicitor or Licensed Conveyancer acting on behalf of a person buying or selling a property or land.

  • The LLC1 form is used to search the Register of Local Land Charges and records details of all entries registered against a property or land within the district that fall within the definition of a local land charge.
  • The Con29 (R) form contains a series of standard questions covering Planning, Highways, Building Control and Environmental Health.
  • The Con29 (O) form contains a series of optional enquiries that can be requested.

Additional enquiries may be requested for information not covered by the standard and optional enquiries.

Personal Search Requests

A Personal Search is a search of the Land Charges Register only however other registers held by the Council that are open for public inspection can be viewed at the same time. This allows access to limited property information and is not as comprehensive as an official Local Authority Search.

It is the responsibility of the person carrying out the Personal Search to obtain the Information relating to the property being searched.

Personal search procedure: Please email your request together with a plan of the property or land to be searched. The name of your company, contact name and telephone number will also be required. Your request will be acknowledged and you will be contacted by email once the information is ready to view.

Contact details for Personal Search Requests

A separate appointment should be made with other Council departments who hold records that are available for public inspection by calling:

Personal search fees: Under the European Information Regulations (EIR) a Personal Search of the Land Charges register can be viewed free of charge.

How to submit a Local Authority Search:

Electronic: Electronic searches can be requested using one of the National Land Information Services (NLIS) Licensed Channels. The Channels are connected to the Local Land Charges Unit by the NLIS hub which acts as the gateway for information and services from a number of data providers and also provides search tracking, billing and payment mechanisms.

NLIS Channel Providers:

Post or DX: Submit completed forms in duplicate together with two site/location plans plus the correct fee - Cheques made payable to ‘Harlow District Council’

Email: email completed forms in duplicate together with two site/location plans to: Please follow your request with payment by cheque.

Local Authority Search fees:

From 1 April 2019:

  • Form LLC1
    One parcel of land: £20.40
    Additional parcels above one: £5.10
  • CON 29 (R) (Only)
    One parcel of land: £112.88
    Additional parcels above one: £18.40
  • CON 29 (R) Including LLC1
    One parcel of land: £133.28
    Additional parcels above one £23.50
  • CON 29 (O) – Optional Enquiries:
    Each printed enquiry £14.70
    Q22 – Registered Common Land £16.80 
  • Additional Enquiries £22.00

Please note that VAT is chargeable on both the Con29 standard and optional elements of the Local Authority Search.  VAT is not chargeable on the LLC1 element.  

Personal search, Local Land Charge search and Local Authority Search contact details

Local Land Charges
Harlow Council
The Water Gardens

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Telephone: 01279 446696 or 446046


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