Latton Bush Centre conference hire terms

Standard terms and conditions of hire


The final account will be based on the information received by Harlow Council from the hirer. No charges of any sort may be made by the hirer for admission to the rooms without the express permission of Harlow Council, and is subject to such conditions as may be imposed.

Increase in charges

Harlow Council reserves the right to amend the hire charges at the Latton Bush Centre, but this shall not affect bookings made within 3 months of a price increase. (Prices are revised with effect from 1 April)


In the event of an Election (Local, General and/or European) whereby function rooms will be required for polling stations and or the administration of the count of votes cast, Harlow Council will give such notice as is reasonable and possible under the circumstances, prior to cancellation of a hirer’s booking. The hirer shall not be entitled to any compensation for any loss, damage or inconvenience, which may have been caused, as a result of such cancellation. Harlow Council may also cancel any booking in the event of an emergency to provide Emergency Rest Centre facilities, or for any other reason in its role or responsibilities as a local authority. If the booking is cancelled by HDC for either of these reasons HDC shall refund any charges paid.

A hirer shall have the right to cancel the booking for whatever reason, and provided a minimum of 14 days written notice is given, no other cancellation charge will be made. If less than 14 days notice, is given the cancellation fees shown below apply.

Cancellation fees payable to Harlow Council:

  • 14 days or more written notice given no charge
  • 7-13 days written notice given – 50% of the hire
  • 1-6 days written notice given – 100% of the hire charge and catering costs
  • Failure to attend on the day – 100% of all charges including equipment hire and catering charges


The hirer is responsible for providing adequate insurance and liability cover for their event, including Public Liability insurance where appropriate. Harlow Council does not accept any liability for the death of, or personal injury to any person attending the Latton Bush Centre unless such death or injury shall be due to negligence of Harlow Council and does not accept any liability for claims of any loss or damage suffered by the hirer of their personal belongings or equipment. Harlow Council accepts no liability for any loss or damage to vehicles and/or their contents whilst parked at the Latton Bush Centre site, unless such damage or loss shall have been caused by the negligence of Harlow Council. The hirer shall indemnify Harlow Council against all such liability as may be referred to in this condition.

The hirer undertakes responsibility for control of their guests or invitees, and for all activities undertaken by them. The hirer undertakes to pay the Council the amount of damage that may be done to the building, furniture, fittings or equipment in consequence of the hiring. The hirer must be present throughout the period of hire. The hirer will have consideration for other occupiers of the Latton Bush Centre and the residents of the surrounding areas, and all activities must be conducted in such a way as to not constitute a nuisance. If the premises are used for any other purpose than those stated in the confirmation of booking, or if any function becomes disorderly, or any disturbance, nuisance, indecent or unlawful or undesirable activity is allowed to occur, Harlow Council, by its duly authorised officer may at its absolute discretion, immediately terminate the hiring. Whilst reserving all its rights and remedies that it may have against the hirer. All persons attending the function will immediately leave the Latton Bush Centre. In the event of such termination, all fees and charges will be forfeited to the Council.

Risk assessments and method statements

The hirer is responsible for carrying out appropriate risk assessments and method statements for their events. These must be available for inspection by Harlow Council when required. 

Rights of access/vacation of premises

The individual responsible for hiring the premises must report to the Harlow Council representative at the Centre, upon arrival and upon vacation of the hired premises. The hirer to ensure that the room is vacated in a clean and tidy condition. The Latton Bush Centre staff will provide plastic bags to assist with clearing up. We expect all rubbish to be securely placed in these sacks - this includes balloons and any decorations that need to be removed. Any leftover food is also to be cleared away. The Duty Steward will sweep up smaller items. The Latton Bush Centre management reserve the right to make an additional charge if the room is not left in a satisfactory condition. This charge will be based on the number of additional staff hours necessary. 

The times stated on the booking form are those during which the room(s) will be available to the hirer, and must be adhered to.

The hirer undertakes to cease all activities and ensure that the Latton Bush Centre site is cleared by 9.30pm or where agreed in writing at the time of booking (Latton Hall/Dining Hall only). The hirer will be responsible for all guests to the event and have consideration for the other users of the Centre, our neighbours and the Centre staff. They must ensure that the activities do not constitute a nuisance.

Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted within any of the buildings on the Latton Bush Centre site at any time - this includes e-cigarettes and vapours. Smoking in the grounds must be in the designated smoking area at the front of the building.

Health and Safety

The maximum number of people to be accommodated in each room is laid down by Harlow Council and the Fire Service and must not be exceeded, they are as follows; Green, Blue and Red 30 persons, Griffin Suite 70 persons, Dining Hall 90 persons and the Latton Hall 250 persons.

The hirer shall forthwith notify the management of the Latton Bush Centre of:

  1. Any accident occurring whereby any person suffers any injury whatsoever.
  2. Any notifiable dangerous occurrence.

Furthermore the hirer will:

prevent nuisance, disturbance and/or undesirable activities; not install any electrical equipment without the express permission of Harlow Council; not bring or allow any noxious, inflammable, dangerous or illegal substances onto the premises; will take all reasonable precautions for the safety of their guests and/or invitees.; will not erect any notices, signs, banners or flags etc without the express permission of the Latton Bush Centre Manager.

Harlow Council does not permit inflatable bouncy castles or structures.

The hirer will not cause or permit any corridor or other access route to become blocked.

Under no circumstances are any signs or posters to be erected on, near or visible from the public highway. Hirers wishing to advertise events must seek the express written permission of the local highways authority before erecting any signs or posters, and secure appropriate Liability Insurance. A copy of the Insurance Certificate and Highways Permission must be lodged at the Latton Bush Centre.

In the event of an act of God, a total power failure or any intervening event including fire or flood you may be directed to leave the building by the duty member of staff, you will comply with his/her instructions in the interests of public safety. Harlow Council will not be responsible for any consequential loss or claims for compensation following the curtailment of any event in such circumstances.

The hirer shall not cause or permit any filming for commercial purposes. 


Failure to comply with the above will result in no further bookings being accepted from the hirer and/or any associates and the forfeiture of all charges paid to the Latton Bush Centre and Harlow Council.

Age restrictions

The hirer must be a minimum of 21 years of age. A responsible adult must supervise all persons under the age of 21 that are on the premises at all times.

Personal liability

The hirer accepts full responsibility for any damage howsoever caused by the hirer or their guests and invitees to the fabric of the building, the fixtures and fittings, equipment (fixed or portable) internal and external areas of the Latton Bush Centre, whether deliberate or accidental. The hirer furthermore agrees to pay all reasonable costs to the Council for the repair or replacement of said items, including any labour costs.


The use of smoke machines or similar by Disco’s etc. are prohibited, as they will activate the Centre’s Fire Detection System. False or malicious activations of the Centre’s Alarm Systems the Hirer is liable to any charges imposed by Essex Police, Essex Fire & Rescue Service or other statutory authority. The hirer must comply with all conditions and stipulations of Harlow Council’s Public Entertainment License (as notified by Harlow Council to the hirer). The hirer must comply with all conditions and regulations made in respect of the Centre by the Fire Authority (as notified by Harlow Council to the hirer).

The use of bouncy castles or any inflatable structures are not permitted in any of the rooms or grounds of the Latton Bush Centre.

None of the terms in this agreement shall be enforceable by third parties pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

The benefit of this agreement is personal to the hirer and shall not be transferable of capable of being sub-hired.

The Council will not tolerate any abusive, threatening, insulting behaviour or foul language towards staff members. They are in charge of the building and have delegated authority of the Centre Manager in her absence. The Council will not hesitate to take legal action against any member of the public who intimidates, threatens or assaults a Council employee in the course of their duties.


If there are any issues which arise at the event please notify the Admin Office on the day. However if you are not satisfied or if any issues arise subsequent to the event, your complaint must be made in writing to the Centre Manager within 10 days of the event.