LDO - London Road South

Why has the Council made this Local Development Order (LDO)?

Harlow Council has made this LDO to support the aims of the West Essex @ Harlow Enterprise Zone. The primary purpose of the LDO is to simplify the planning process, reduce delay and provide certainty, thus reducing the costs for potential developers and businesses. The aim is to stimulate future investment and create new job opportunities to help assist the regeneration of Harlow.

The LDO grants planning permission for the following:

  • building development and associated site infrastructure and facilities
  • road infrastructure
  • external alterations 
  • minor operations

Development permitted through the LDO will need to conform to, where appropriate, planning conditions and the Design Code which accompany the LDO.

Adopted London Road South LDO

Revisions to the LDO which proposed an increase the height of the buildings on this site from 12m to 14m were consulted on in November 2015. The data centres planned for the London Road South site had evolved and improved their design to accommodate a much more energy efficient operation, which necessitated the change to the shape of the buildings. The amendments were presented to Cabinet on 10 December 2015 (agenda item 18). The revised LDO was subsequently adopted in December 2015. The report below outlines the consultation process and contains all the responses received.

Previous revisions to the LDO which enable phased implementation and combine conditions relating to the relocation of Maypole Sports provision were consulted on in June 2014. The amendments were presented to Cabinet on 17 July 2014 (agenda item 15). The revised LDO was subsequently adopted in July 2014. The revised adopted documents:

LDO Confirmation of Compliance Applications

Prior to undertaking LDO development applicants must make a LDO Confirmation of Compliance Application. This is a 28 day fast-track consent process which is available free of charge and enables the Local Planning Authority to confirm whether development proposals are in conformity with the LDO and can be undertaken without the need for planning permission.

To submit a LDO Confirmation of Compliance Application please download and complete the relevant form along with the required plans. The Confirmation of Compliance Application Forms, Protocol and Checklists can be found on the Council’s planning permission applications and fees page. The LDO confirmation of compliance process is outlined in the protocol.

Public consultation documents

Harlow Council carried out a public consultation on the proposed LDO between 15 November 2012 and 13 December 2012. The Order and Schedule, the Design Code and the Statement of Reasons for making the Order are available to download below:

Supporting technical documents