Local Development Plan Examination

Inspector and Programme Officer

David Reed BSc DipTP DMS MRTPI will undertake the independent examination. Information on the Inspector and Programme Officer

Latest News and Updates

The latest information on the Examination of the Local Plan. Read the latest news

Hearing Sessions

Public meetings conducted by the Planning Inspector during the Examination of the Local Plan. Hearing session documents created to assist participants will be available here. View hearing sessions

Submission Documents

Documents submitted to the Secretary of State along with Harlow Council’s evidence base. View the submission documents

Evidence Base

Documents prepared to support the Harlow District Local Plan. A full list is available by topic area. View the full evidence base

Examination Documents

Documents submitted during the Examination of the Local Plan to assist the process. View all Examination documents

Regulation 19 Consultation Responses

All representations received as part of the Local Plan Regulation 19 process are available to view on our online consultation portal