Article 4 Directions - Morley Grove

Which houses do the Article 4 Directions apply to?

Numbers 1 to 99 Morley Grove.

Which development right is specified in the Directions?

Changing a property to a small House in Multiple Occupation (HMO).

What are Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)?

A house in multiple occupation is a property where three or more unrelated people share at least one amenity (such as a kitchen) and live in the property as their only or main home. A small HMO is where between three and six unrelated people share a home. A large HMO is where more than six unrelated people share a home.

Effect of the Directions

For numbers 1 to 99 Morley Grove, from 1 July 2013, planning permission is required to change a property to a small HMO. A planning application for this is free of charge, as it is the result of Article 4 Directions being in place. Converting a property to a large HMO already requires planning permission.

Will I require a HMO licence if I change my dwelling house to a HMO?

Mandatory HMO licensing is separate to the Article 4 Directions and applies to buildings of three or more storey's which are occupied by five or more tenants in two or more households. This did not change when the Article 4 Directions came into effect. More information on HMOs

What if a HMO is left vacant for a period?

If a property that is a HMO is left empty, it would continue to be classed as a HMO unless when, it is re-occupied, it is used by a family or less than three unrelated individuals, or as an entirely different use (such as an office).

What if a HMO is let to a family for a period?

If a property that is a HMO is let to a family, the property would no longer be classed as a HMO. If the owner then wanted it to be used as a HMO again, planning permission would be required first.

What if a three bed HMO is reduced to two bed because a tenant leaves the property unexpectedly?

Each case would need to be considered on its merits. However, a temporary reduction in the numbers of unrelated people living in the HMO property would not necessarily constitute a material change of use, provided there was clearly an active intention to re-let the vacant room(s) in the future.

When did the Directions come into force?

The Directions came into force on 1 July 2013. Public consultation took place on the Directions in May and June 2012. A Council Cabinet meeting on 14 March 2013 considered the issues and comments made during the consultation, and agreed to confirm the Directions.

Morely Grove Article 4 Directions

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