Move to Work scheme

The move to work scheme helps social housing tenants move closer to their workplace

It means you can join the Housing Needs Register without proving a local connection.

You will be eligible for the scheme if you need to:

  • move closer to your place of work outside of Harlow
  • move to a different part of Harlow because transport links make it difficult for you to get to work
  • move to a different part of Harlow because you cannot travel to work, due to exceptional circumstances
  • move because you’ve had a new offer of work somewhere else that is difficult for you to travel to

If you are eligible for the scheme, we will:

  • give advice on your options for moving
  • help you complete the paperwork to register for a move
  • identify suitable properties for you and help you to place bids online
  • identify possible home swap partners
  • offer a lump sum if you move to a smaller home – up to £1,000
  • help with some of the small costs of moving, if these are a real problem
  • help you to access schools and services in the area that you need to move to

For more information or to talk to a Housing Options Advisor call Contact Harlow