My Town


My Town is an online system that provides information and maps about Council services and other community facilities in your local area. This page provides information to help you use the system.

How to use the address search

The address search is shown at the top of the page. In the ‘Search for a location’ box, enter the property house number, street or postcode (try not to enter the full address) and select ‘Find’.

My Town screenshot

This will list current properties which are within our area.

If you wish to change the address, you can do so by selecting the ‘Reset’ button under the ‘Search for Location’ bar. This will allow you to search for a new address.

After choosing an address My Town will display information relevant to the address and area. You may use any of the following tabs:

  • My Home
  • My Nearest
  • My Maps

My Home and My Nearest displays information at and near to the selected address. This could be where you live or where you are planning to live, as long as it is within the Harlow area.

My Maps can be used without needing to specify an address, although an address must be entered in order to use all of the other services including My Home and My Nearest.

Please note: My Maps will not appear if browser scripting is switched off – you will be alerted of this by a message at the top of the page

When selecting an address from the list, a cookie will be placed onto your PC which contains the coordinates of the property. These coordinates are used in a variety of ways to search the various databases associated with the site and return information about your property or the facilities and services closest to your property. It is also used to centralise the My Maps page at your property.

Please take some time to read the Terms and Conditions of use (pdf) before using the My Town service.