National lockdown rules apply in Harlow. You must not leave, or be outside of your home except where necessary. You can now access community testing in Harlow to find out if you might have the virus without symptoms.

Harlow proudly flies flag thanking NHS workers

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A flag saying thank you to NHS workers is proudly flying in Harlow. 

The flag, which includes a rainbow with the message ‘Thank you! NHS’, has been put up by the council outside the town’s Civic Centre.

The flag will continue to fly in Harlow throughout the coronavirus pandemic as a reminder of the daily sacrifices NHS workers are making working on the frontline. The flag is flying alongside our civic crest flag and the Union flag.

Thank You NHS flag

Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of Harlow Council (Labour) and Councillor Andrew Johnson, Leader of the Opposition (Conservatives), said:

“All NHS workers and other frontline key workers are working so hard during the coronavirus outbreak. The council wants NHS workers to know that Harlow is very proud of them and that it appreciates everything they are doing to save lives.

“The flag includes a rainbow which has become a national and local symbol of hope and gratitude to the NHS and every frontline key worker. The show of support from the public in Harlow for our NHS workers and key workers has been formidable, from fundraising activities and the presentation of gifts to the drawing and sharing of rainbows across the town. The day the flag comes down for good will be a day that we can all signify the passing of this virus and particularly the difference the NHS made in saving people’s lives.”

On Tuesday 28 April 2020, the flag will fly at half-mast for International Workers Memorial Day which remembers workers who have died in the last year. This year this will include remembering those workers that have lost their lives to coronavirus (Covid-19).