National Tree Week

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More tree planting has taken place this week as we celebrate national tree week.

One hundred trees were planted by Pitney Bowes staff in Risden Woods. These were mostly oak trees with a few hazel, hawthorn, spindle, blackthorn, wild cherry and a field maple. Another 50 young oaks were planted on Tuesday by wildspace volunteers in Parndon Wood.

A further 100 young oaks and other tree species will be planted by volunteers in Parndon Wood in the coming weeks.

On Thursday, 15 new trees were planted in the town park by volunteers which included 12 silver birches, 1 beech and 1 autumn cherry tree in the new woodland at the top of the Newfoundland Garden. A 5ft wellingtonia, donated by a resident, has also been planted in the park.

On Sunday 15 December we will be officially launching our plant a tree for Harlow scheme with a community planting day. Several community planting days are being organised.