Commercial vehicle parking permit

If you want to park your commercial vehicle in a residential parking area, you will need a permit. 

There are two types of permits available:

  • daily permit
  • annual permit

Daily permits

Daily permits are for anyone living in a residential parking permit area, or any person needing to visit a property within a residential parking permit area for business purposes. 

To apply for a daily permit, you need to email for an application form.

You will send to send us your completed application form along with a copy of some form of business identification.

You will also need to ring 01279 446655 to pay the £10 fee by credit or debit card.

Annual permits

Annual permits are for residents who have commercial vehicles. 

You need to contact the cark park supervisor on 01279 446896 for information on how to apply for an annual permit.

The fee per permit is £250.00.