Planning Permission

Do you require Planning Permission?

Many works to residential properties require the benefit of planning permission prior to works being carried out. The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015, sets out a series of criteria and conditions that establish whether the development proposed is exempt or not from requiring planning permission. More information on 'Do I need Planning Permission?'

Pre-application advice

Harlow Council does not currently charge for pre-application advice, you may also need to seek pre-application advice from other organisations dependant on the type of application and they may charge for this service. However, there are many advantages of obtaining pre-application advice and therefore we encourage its use. More information on Pre-application advice

Making an application, forms and fees

Details of the application process and the full list of planning application forms along with corresponding checklists and guidance notes. More information on making an application, forms and fees

Search planning applications

Harlow Council's Planning Register is a record of planning applications, complete with associated documentation. Please note: Owing to essential software upgrades, documents from planning applications registered after 18 August 2016 will not be viewable online, until further notice. If you wish to see plans from a specific application, please contact for assistance.

Submit or search, view and comment on planning applications

S106 Agreements: A quick guide

These agreements are a way of delivering or addressing matters that are necessary to make a development acceptable in planning terms. They are increasingly used to support the provision of services and infrastructure, such as highways, recreational facilities, education, health and affordable housing.​ More information on S106 Agreements

Discharge of Conditions

Most planning Decision Notices comprise planning conditions that require some attention at varying points during the development phase of your proposal. It is important that you read the conditions carefully and adhere to their requirements. Prior to commencement, conditions require certain details to be submitted to and approved in writing prior to any works being carried out on site. More information on Discharge of Conditions

High Hedges

Provided you have tried and exhausted all other avenues for resolving your hedge dispute, you can take your complaint about a neighbour's evergreen hedge to Harlow Council. The role of the local authority will not be to mediate or negotiate between you, as the complainant, and the hedge owner, but to adjudicate on whether - in the words of the Act - the hedge is adversely affecting the complainant's reasonable enjoyment of their property. In doing so, the authority will take account of all relevant factors and will strike a balance between the competing interests of the complainant and hedge owner, as well as the interests of the wider community. More information on High Hedges


Harlow Council has a small enforcement team set up to investigate alleged breaches of planning controls, negotiate resolutions and where necessary carry out enforcement action. Any enforcement action must be proportionate to the breach and justifiable should any appeal against the action be taken. More information on enforcement and how to report possible breach of Planning Control