Redevelopment on Perry Road, Staple Tye

We are proposing to redevelop the old Lister House site into new housing.


Images and video by Kyle Smart Associates Ltd


The Perry Road development will see up to 46 apartments built with a minimum of 30 per cent affordable homes. We are committed ensuring that as many affordable homes as possible are provided for local people on Harlow’s Housing Needs Register as the plans develop.

All apartments will have the ability to be adapted to meet the changing needs of residents.  The development will meet Secure By Design, and offer not only visual surveillance from the balconies but also CCTV monitoring the site and the surrounding area. The development has been designed to integrate with the existing shopping mews, but also have the diversity to incorporate any change long term. This building will hopefully be the catalyst for improvement throughout the whole of Staple Tye and the adjoining areas.

The development is possible as the existing Lister House is moving to a new site situated on Abercrombie Way. This is set to be completed in September 2018. Next to the new Health Centre, a new multi-use-games-area is shortly due to be completed ready for the local community to use.

The plans were published ahead of a pre-planning consultation meeting held on Thursday (10 May 2018) for local residents and retailers. A further drop-in consultation event took place on Wednesday 6 June 2018 at the Civic Centre from 4.30-7pm.

The consultation ended at 5 pm on Monday 11 June 2018.