Injunction paperwork being served on land across Harlow

Tuesday, 20 June, 2017

You will be seeing more white legal documents being placed on land around Harlow.

This is all part of our unauthorised traveller encampment injunction which is now in force and was extended for three years in the High Court last Wednesday -

Serving these legal documents on land is a requirement for the injunction and extremely important. At last week’s High Court hearing the Judge requested to see proof that paperwork for the injunction hearing had been served on land. This emphasises just how important it is that documents are painstakingly placed on the land.

You will see paperwork on the sites which are protected from unauthorised traveller encampments for the next three years. They are simply being served on the land, they are not supposed to be permanent.

The documents can be read and viewed and although each one will be photographed please put them back. The Council is also aware that some may get displaced by weather conditions. Any displaced documents will be collected by street cleaning teams.

A copy of the legal documents can also be viewed online at