Parking restrictions in force at College Square and Playhouse Square

Wednesday, 5 July, 2017

Are you aware of the new parking restrictions at Playhouse Square and College Square?

Following concerns being raised about parked cars and delivery vehicles blocking access in Playhouse Square, parking restrictions are being enforced to improve traffic flow and the safety of motorists in this area and the surrounding roads.

New road markings have been painted and signage put up setting out the restrictions and the new parking areas. This includes double yellow lines in areas within Playhouse Square and College Square, along with kerb markings which indicate no loading at any time. Blue badge holders cannot park on double lines where there is a loading ban. However we are providing more parking spaces for blue badge holders in College Square.

Information on where blue badge holders can and can't park can be found at:

There are new waiting bays for taxis and also for coaches with new bays in College Square for any vehicle to park in for 30 minutes.

In January and June adverts appeared in the Harlow Star, in the Civic Centre, on our website and in the areas affected to give notice of the changes and consultation with local groups also took place.

The changes are outlined at: