Work starts on Market Square refurbishment

Tuesday, 5 June, 2018

Market Square is now undergoing a major facelift to transform it into a mixed-use area and restore it to its former glory.

Contractors are now on site and the works are under way.

The facelift will see the removal of the decking features and playground that were installed as part of the Harlow Renaissance project in 2011. The square will be restored to its former glory, reinstating the original floor design by Fredrick Gibberd albeit with a colourful contemporary twist. Following this, a range of contemporary concrete street furniture, including colourful canopies, table tennis and chess tables, and public access Wi-Fi, will be installed to create an environment that is suitable for all ages offering a place to meet, relax and enjoy Harlow Town Centre.

The red pots that have formed part of Market Square’s landscape are making a return but will be repositioned and replanted with suitable trees to add some greenery to the area.

Councillor John Strachan, the newly appointed Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, said:

“The ‘new’ Market Square aims to stay true to the original concept that it should be an informal, lively and varied place, and the street furniture will certainly add much-needed colour and offer an alternative experience. It is hoped that Market Square will become a place that is embraced by the Harlow community once again.

“I would like to thank Councillor Tony Durcan for his work up to this point and for setting out the vision for a revamped Market Square.”

Over the years the northern part of Harlow Town Centre has struggled to maintain footfall seen in other parts of the Town Centre. This, coupled with a lack of private sector investment in commercial properties and a declining market, is why the Council has made a commitment to improving Market Square so it can be used for a range of activities that could help attract footfall. Specialist markets and live performances could well become regular features.

The works are scheduled to be completed by August/September 2018.

The aerial plan was produced by local architects, Architecture and Design Services Ltd.