Councillors to review plans for the upgrade of paddling pools

Monday, 24 September, 2018

Harlow Council’s plans to replace the town’s five paddling pools with splash parks are to be considered in more detail by councillors. 

At last Thursday’s (20 September 2018) Council meeting a 1,549 strong public petition to save Harlow Town Park paddling pool was presented to councillors by a local resident. 

Following a debate, there was cross-party agreement for councillors to look at the differences or the combination of splash parks and paddling pools.

Back in June the Council allocated £750,000 for an upgrade programme of the pools. It was proposed that the five pools are gradually replaced with modern splash parks. Improving toilet facilities at the pools is also part of the plans. 

In a joint statement following the Council meeting, Councillor Mark Ingall, Leader of the Council, and Councillor Andrew Johnson, Leader of the Opposition, said: 

“We welcome last Thursday’s Council debate about the future of the town’s much-loved paddling pools. We thank Martin Dear for sharing his concerns with us and the 1,549 members of the public who signed the petition to retain the Town Park Paddling Pool. 

“With the strength of public feeling we must listen and councillors must look at this issue in more detail. What was clear from the debate is that the paddling pools are also loved by councillors. Most Councillors have grown up using these pools. As leaders of our political groups we might not always see eye-to-eye on every issue, but what is important, given the feelings of the public and Councillors on this issue, is that we consider what the local community want and look at all the options for enhancing these facilities.”